Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A New Blogging Adventure!

Why do I blog?  I blog to reflect.  I blog to share things that have worked well for me.  I blog to connect with other educators.  This year I have been encouraging teachers, and staff in general that I work with to do the same.  I'm proud to say that I have been successful in getting people to hope on the blog bandwagon!  One of my principals, two teachers (here and here) and of course many of the coaches I have worked with have also been blogging.  (Here and here)
Today I completed the fun adventure of helping students in a fifth grade class to start blogging.  The teacher set up all of the accounts and the blogs and they are ready to start blogging and we created our first post today!  This teacher will be having students use the blogs to reflect on a project that they will be doing the entire year.  This class will research and learn about colleges and careers.  Every week they Skype with a person somewhere around the world.  Every week they will reflect on what they have learned in their blogs.  We did our first posts today and they were so proud.  Below you will find a link to each students' blog.  Please follow their adventure and comment on what they have learned!


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  1. I have read some of your blogs. What a great way to share with the world what you are learning. It sounds like you all are learning important life lessons and having fun!- Mrs. Sweeney 6th grade teacher, Hope Academy