Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hang onto your conference Buzz

Learning together can continue
beyond the conference!
I am starting to wrap up my last session at EdCamp Saint Louis.   If you haven't been to an EdCamp before I would highly recommend it!   This conference is free for educators and highly interactive.   Sessions are decided upon that day, and they are more about the conversation than the presenting giving information.   Because of that, the best part of this type of conference is the connection that you can make with other like minded teachers!
With this conference, as many others, it is easy to go to a conference get excited and then completely leave everything behind.   To make conferences worthwhile it is important that you can hang onto that 'conference buzz'  Here are some ideas on how to hang onto that.

Connect with others on twitter and check in.
There are so many amazing people to meet and chat with.   Keep the conversation going!   Twitter is awesome for keeping connections with others going.   Be sure not to just take their twitter handle, but also make the commitment to going BACK onto twitter and read, share and comment!

Choose one thing to try/continue to learn about
There is a lot to learn and a lot of new ideas.   Don't get overwhelmed!! Choose one thing to commit to and try out, research more, commit to using.  Don't try to do it all, you will get overwhelmed.   Dig deep on one thing well!!

Thanks for tuning in and keep learning!!

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